“No upfront capital required”

~Jennifer Stege - VP of Client Services, Lux Speed


Lux Speed will bring a fiber connection to your facility. This means your connection is dedicated only to you and your tenants. It’s a unique model, designed to provide insanely reliable internet at ultra fast speeds. Lux will also provide local support, so matters can be handled real-time, along with data protection and a first class experience.

  • Ultra Fast - 10 Gig or Greater Internet Connections

  • DEDICATED Connections

  • Insanely Reliable

  • Local World Class Support

  • Integration into your HOA and Property Management Software

  • Data Protection Guarantee

We founded the company on the basic principle that everyone deserves reliable, high speed internet, without the exhausting excuses. We are the gold standard for internet services for the multi family communities. Thus the name “Lux” – Latin for “light” or better know as Lux Speed!


Lux Speed will provide the core networking products for your tenants. This includes, switches, routers, firewalls, Wi-Fi devices and turn-key management. As part of this product set, we will also manage each element of the products – from network monitoring to ensuring operating systems are kept up to date.

  • No Capital Required

  • Wi-Fi, Switches, Firewall, Routers all Provided by Lux

  • Top Brands Exclusively

  • Full Network Management

  • Local World Class Support

Tired of the wild wild west of poor internet connections, services, and endless excuses? Utilize our world class team to bring tenants back to euthopia again with their internet connection!


Designed for local apartment owners, renters, and assisted living facilities. Lux will provide dedicated onsite support for your tenants IT needs. Friendly, technically versed staff at your disposal to improve your clients IT experience.

  • Onsite Dedicated Support

  • Hand Held Device Support

  • Laptop or Desktop Support

  • Printer Set Up and Trouble Shooting Support

  • Smart TV Support

  • Basic Technology Support

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